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The BIG BALE CUTTER was introduced at the 1993 EMPIRE FARM DAYS held in August at Seneca Falls, NY. The reception was gratifying. During that show many farmers, implement dealers and manufacturing representatives indicated that the usage of large round or square bales would increase if an inexpensive cutting system were available. The Big Bale Cutter is that inexpensive system.

What is it? 

The Big Bale Cutter is a replacement saw chain custom-designed and assembled using knife-like cutter links which both cut and sweep away the hay debris. Because there are only knife-edges on the cutters, the cutting action of the knives removes only a small sliver of hay from the bale. When the saw is operated at high speed, the slivers are small and easily swept out of the cut.

The chain is made with parts designed for chain saws capable of using a saw chain to fit a .050 gauge saw bar and having a 3/8 pitch. If the saw bar is equipped with a nose sprocket, it must also be 3/8 pitch. These are usually larger (20-inch bar length or more) models. The chain can be made to fit nearly any requested saw bar length (driver count). We concentrate on chains using drive links to fit 20-inch saw bars and 24-inch saw bars or longer. Smaller chain saws (some of which can be modified to a 3/8 drive sprocket) can be accommodated, but are not recommended, since they are usually low-powered. A shorter bar on a saw with adequate power should work satisfactorily.

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